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Vintage Sheet Quilt

This appears to be entirely made from vintage sheets, backing included.  Someone made the top and then I was asked to quilt it.  This will be sold as a fund raiser in our boutique at the 2016 Quilt Show.   Funds raised go toward  funding our speakers and workshops. The quilt is large.  Aproximatelty 100" long and almost as wide.   Lots of negative space to play in.   But way too much of it for free...   at a 2 cent Panto rate and using 100 x 100 as an example.   That's $200  income/quilting hours I lost quilting this.  Now in this case, I had it for months and quilted it in between lulls.  BUT I could have been cleaning my house or working on my own projects.    Do you think this quilt will sell for $200?  $100?   Freebies I dont mind...I plan for 12 a year...but I need lap size lol!  Can you tell that I am so burned out over the number of hours each week I am obligated to spend on our guild?  Hand quided pantograph "Tickled Pink" by Patricia Ritter and Valerie Smit…

Another Pretty A4A

Another beauty by Jane.  I really like the pieced backing.  Hand guided pantograph "Wave on Wave" by Patricia Ritter. This was a Christmas gift for last year.   While I'm waiting to share current quilts, I'll showcase some that  I couldn't post during their timeline.

My Rosewood Cottage sampler quilt

Photo overload!  I made these blocks off and on from 2001 - 2006 when it finally became a top.  Christmas Break I quilted it!  Binding and sleeve now complete but I do need a label.  This quilt has seen 4 moves, several renovation projects, 2 primary sewing machines, a mid arm, a long arm, every animal we have owned except for 1 since 1989 has seen this in some stage, and 2 boys mostly raised.   I'm so glad I finally got this one quilted. Quilt Inspectors engaged in discussion! This backing was not wide enough.   I pulled blocks from a Greenies Quilting Geese exchange called "Blue, Green, Violet" and added a strip to get the width and create some interest on the back.   2 UFOS mostly busted! I wish I had kept track of how many threads I used to machine blanket stitch all the applique, and then all the threads I used to machine quilt a few details!   I also used Madera Monolon to stitch in the ditch and outline all the blocks and applique.    The blocks did not have much…

New "office" set up

I've struggled  with this downsized home and an office area.  It's much smaller than what we have  had.  It's also an open concept with shared walls and those mostly have windows!  The floor plan does have an office but it is in the center of our home and we set it up for a video gaming room for the boys.  I've had this  idea for awhile now but it has taken over a year to persuade my husband to flip the entry living / dining area.  It works beautifully!  The dining table has to serve as my office "desk" that also expands to seat 8 for special occasion meals.  Now clients  immediately are at the "office" when they come in.  I have room for a portable quilt display rack.   Both sections feel larger with the middle of the space open.  I'm happy.  Hubby doesn't hate it and I think this will work so much better.  Now to decorate!  Giz and Kricket give their stamp of approval too.