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Blue and Green Beauty

This quilt has very blended color choices and when Sally and I first talked about this one, she thought she wanted an allover design and I agreed.   Sometimes those deep, mottled colors won't show thread and detailed quilting is lost.   An allover can be prettier in most of those situations and provide more quilting that a light custom.   But when this one came up the line to it's day for quilting, those beautiful points and cornerstone designs just jumped at me begging to be played up.   So, I grabbed my acrylic panel and started doodling. 
I drew out a plan that I was happy with that ran continuously with lots of detail yet allowed  me to stitch most of this without the added expense of everything needing to be stitched in the ditch.  Most of this is completely freehand with a template only used for that 8 point petal center design.  Sally agreed, we had to try this!
I was so happy that the texture did translate to the fabric!  Look at those beautiful points and all that p…