Knee Replacement Update...

Lots of activity the past month or so.  The long awaited neurologist testing which would get me into a pain management group was a bust.   Pain management wanted to do a surgical implanted device!  No non-invasive treatments were offered.  But on a brighter note (this is bright?!) Ortho surgeon #3 has run tests and determined I do not have a bone infection...but my implant is loose.  This is a huge group, at a huge orthopedic hospital and has awards posted all over their building, including joint replacements from 2006 to present.   It was really nice being in a large hospital too, you go from their office to MRI, Lab, whatever.   Sometimes you needed appointments in the future, often they could see you within a few hours.   It took all day on each of my appointments but they get done.

I am in limbo at this time.  Bone scans will tell a truer picture of what is going on inside there.  But statistics prove that bone scans are unreliable soon after this type of surgical procedure.  That is where the magical 1 year mark comes in.   He wants to get a clear picture of what is going on so he can prepare for surgery and not have surprises and unknowns when he opens it up.    I hear this all the time on my support group too.... most often they go in for a revision and find the bone is infected!   My gosh, it took about 5 different tests... but we are all satisfied that I do not have an infection.  The implant could be only 1 part that has failed and only 1 piece needs to be replaced or it may be all components.  We have an idea based on xrays, but a bone scan will be more definitive.    He claims if he were to do the revision now, I would only have a 40% chance of success compared to 60% if we wait one year (April).   Revisions are more difficult.  More bone is cut away.  Implants go deeper into the bone.  It really scares me having lived with one that was not successful to see numbers that are not promising at all!  But again, like the original replacement success stories, I hear so many success stories on revisions!   I don't have to think long about it, life is too difficult now for me and my family.  Finding the right surgeon is critical and I believe we have done that now.

My current ortho has a referral to another pain management group for me .  Maybe they can do something non-invasive.   I already explained what is going on with my knee and what is happening in the future so hopefully they can provide some relief that my insurance will approve.   I can't afford weekly massages etc!   Mid December.   I keep the faith.  I had said I can't make it till April... but as December is fast upon us, April will be here in a flash too.

Edge to edge quilting is still happening!  I have not mastered sitting to custom quilt yet.   I can manage sewing, cutting.  Pain does not have an impact on precision, just the amount of time I can physically do it. I have worked out my sewing studio.   But custom quilting, I need joy and excitement to work into your quilts.  I need to be able to work on a unit until finished.  I am still holding off resuming custom at this time.   If surgery is in April, then a 3-4 month recovery on that... we are almost looking at a year!  But please keep those edge to edge quilts coming in!

The above quilt is by JoAnn Benlian, quilted by me with an all over design.


Nancy said…
No infection is very encouraging news. The wait- yuck. But as you said, time goes by quickly. At least you are getting some answers now, but what a huge challenge that has been and is. You've really modified everything you do. Glad you can do some quilting. Best to you!
Needled Mom said…
I'm sure the time seems especially long with the pain you are experiencing. I'm so glad that there is no infection in the bone. It does sound like you are in luck with the new ortho. I'm sure it is hard to wait patiently until April, but I hope in the end it will all be worth it. Thank goodness you have a little stitching to help keep your mind off of it.