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After many hours of labor....

This still is one of my least favorite quilts! The values used are just wrong for some of the blocks, I had one shopping trip to pick out  fabric and really struggled to find the number of coordinating prints for this quilt (3 of us made the same quilt in 2003 I believe was the year).   I have some little tabs pinned on and hung it by my quilting frame but it is not staying there...   Oddly, look at the orange it picked up in my Laurel Burch item!  I never really noticed the orange before.  Mega ruler and template quilting on this one, swags in the border are left plain, I did not do any background fill, you really don't see the quilting that well and I needed to get it off the frame.  Sashing strips left plain for the same reason.  Very good quilt to get my wobbles out of the way and learn better control over those rulers.   Have a peak:

Not much I can do about that 12' frame in the room... this used to be my dining room and was a very nice wall to display my seasonal pieces. …

Another Finish!

I have a box with tops waiting for quilting which I rummaged through tyring to find something that would work for me to try out some new rulers/templates that I had purchased for quilting out a swag border.  Nothing in my stash was calling to me for the type of quilting I was wanting to work on.  Then  I had that "ah ha!" moment.  I had stashed away an older top that was the 2nd piece quilted on my Grace/Juki frame, I believe about 2003.  The quilting was terrible and I stuffed it away with the idea that maybe someday I would rippit (frog stitch) out and start over.  Found the box storing that and it was a perfect match for the quilting job that I wanted to experiment with.   No fears either because if I messed it up - oh well it was not living a beautiful life anyway.  I have had it off the frame for a few days.  One side of the binding is stitched down and waiting on handwork time to finish the binding.  Complete pics to follow soon.   Here are a few from last week:

I tried…

Robert Kaufman Challege - Gainesville Modern Quilt Guild

I finished my quilt last weekend and can finally share all the pictures with you of my quilt.   We were asked to create a modern quilt using a charm pack of Robert Kaufman kona solids.  Requirements were to interpret some architectural  design found in our home and create a quilt based on that design.   I chose to use the new bathroom tile for my inspiration.  I used only the charm pack, lots of RK Kona White, some pink from my stash for the faux piping and also backing from my stash.   I would have loved to had a new fabric for the backing that was from one of the gorgeous modern fabric lines but not enough yardage in my stash to get the backing and I just could not justify buying backing fabric for this quilt when I did have fabrics on hand that I could use.

One thing I learned, long diagonal quilting lines are difficult to obtain on the long arm!   I tried several ways to do this and just did not like my results.  Ended up frogging the entire thing and doing an edge to edge pantogra…