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Downy Touch of Comfort

My package arrived late Friday!  I recently learned of a group that is now currently sponsored by Downy that has been providing neonatal and crib size quilts to hospitals for nine years.  They supply the fabric already cut for the pattern, you sew it up, provide the batting, quilt it and return the washed quilt to them.  They even include a label for you to add your name to the finished quilt.   I signed up as a volunteer and within 10 days my first "squishy" arrived at the door.    I was so ready to work in some pretty pinks but naturally, I got BOY fabrics LOL!   But  SEW cute!  I can't wait to continue Dr's orders to stay off my feet and SEW up this cute little quilt.   If you want to see their website, click here.


Ulu Hawaiian Applique Wall Hanging

Well, I finally finished the last stitches a few days ago on this little wall hanging.   I have carried this from place to place all over this Hawaiian Isle as I stitched and watched the boys surf or play.  I can't believe with all the sunblock, wind, sand, ocean water, swimming pool water.... that there is not a single stain on this and it has not been washed as of yet!  I made this following Hawaiian tradition per some books I have read.  It is cut out of one piece of fabric, needleturn applique by hand.  These books say that quilting patterns must not be marked.  I hand quilted the piece without markings and even managed to finish mostly symetrical within the piece!  How I managed to end so nicely I am not sure but I am thrilled that it did finish mostly in balance on each side with the quilting.  Hawaiian tradition says that if you begin your Hawaiian quiltmaking journey with the applique pattern called "Ulu" which is the Breadfruit tree, that you will enjoy bountifu…

4 Patch Posie

The top is finished.  Or maybe it is not.  I don't think I like the way the 4 cornerstone blocks are used in the corners because the sashing looks so different from the body of the quilt.  I also have to decide if I will just take the top back to the mainland to quilt at home or if I will get it quilted on the island.  This top is too large to consider quilting with my travel sewing machine.   Many thanks to my "secret sister" Maia that sent the pattern and the fabric to me several months back during our Thanksgiving exchange.

Thank you Maia!

Mick inside a banyan tree @ Kapi'olani Park this past weekend.

Overlook @ Diamond Head.  See how gray the sky is, so hazy.  Winter in Hawaii....

This is the WWI War Memorial which sits next to the aquarium @ Waikiki or Kuhio beach area.  No veterans alive today.  The pool is closed and plans are to somehow replace this monument which is not in safe condition. 
Bob's PT Cruiser.  Here on the island it is very common for headlight…

Furlough Friday...

Another day on the road for Mom.  Today will be Mickey's first time to take advantage of the events offered @ Hickam AFB for Furlough Fridays.  He will be kayaking, sailing, surfing, riding in banana boats and crafting today.  They bring in these huge bouncy slides with water spraying everywhere too.  Should be a great day!   Brandon volunteers @ the homeless shelter and I have physical therapy, then later Brandon has to meet with some classmates to finalize their work on a project and I suppose I will grocery shop during that time.....  No school or work for Bob on Monday - woohoo!  I am hoping to get in some "touristy" sightseeing as I am not released yet for the ocean surf or swimming with my shoulder.  Recovery from this type of surgery is far to slow for me - I expected to be fully recovered @ 6 weeks.  But progress is being made, more mobility each week and less pain.   Doc says 8-12 weeks for bone to heal but still will need to work on strength and range of motion…

More holiday pics to share....

I finally have uploaded pictures from my camera but still have to review what the kids have taken on theirs and also there are scuba pics to be developed (my camera only goes to 33' and can't be taken on the boat dives).  Grandma and Grandpa Wagner visited over the school break and Kris was able to take another week off to be here for Christmas.  Larry has forwarded some great pics of the family and his Christmas dinner with his extended family including Great-Grandmama Perkins.  The boys got in 2 dives recently with some pics to follow, we visited the USS Arizona and the Bowfin submarine, fantastic evening on the Star of Honolulu complete with a white glove dinner service as well as daily playing along the beach, lava rocks, tidal pools and sunset picnics.   Here are some pics:


The Anderson extended family.  That's Laura beaming from the top of the chair and Julia to the right.

Blue ribbon winner of the city's wreath competition.  Titled "This all started…