19 Weeks post TKR (NQR)

19 weeks.   4.5 months.  I'm not giving up.  Who would have ever thought this is where any of us would be after an elective surgery that everyone you talk to says how much better they are afterwards.  Knee Replacement.  My family has been very supportive helping around the house, grocery shopping, cooking, cleaning.  Bob has been out of state so much and leaves again this week which does make it harder for me and for Mickey.  Mick starts back with college classes next week too.

I can stand longer before I have to sit and elevate.  I am able to turn around edge to edge faster than the prior months.  It's still very painful.  Not sure I should even be doing it but I have to do something.  Doesn't matter what I do, food prep, shopping, sitting in a chair, or sewing machine or standing to try to do computer longarm designs or cutting fabric.  It all sets off pain.   I just can't stand very long or try to walk for very long.   I attempted a movie last week.  Nice stadium type seats but still not that much room for my legs.  I could not straighten them while seated.   2 hours of bent was not fun.   Crazy.  I could do that BEFORE surgery.

I had an extra dose of rough a few weekends ago which left me very unhappy with my OS office.  Their response was that some days will be better than others and could not clear any time to see me for 4 days, after I had already suffered through the weekend waiting for Monday morning.   I saw my GP, he has been amazing.  So kind and compassionate.

Good news, xrays reveal that all appears properly intact in my implant.  The bad news, 85% have no issues with knee replacement and recover quickly.   15% do have issues and in half of those, doctors can determine a reason why they have issues.  The remaining half, they are clueless.  It appears I am in that 7% of no reason why.  But, new OS has ordered more physical therapy related to gait conditioning.  Very different from the PT I had been doing.   I'm still shaking my head why didn't my original doctor order these types of exercises when standing and walking have been my complaints from the onset.  Why didn't my then PT recommend gait types of therapy/exercises to help?  They actually said they could not help me!

I am in pain 24/7 from just above my knee to the bottom of my foot. My GP has also set me up for several other referrals trying to get to the bottom of this and help me.   I have seen the new PT office and my therapist says he believes he can help me walk "better" than I do now, but progress will be very slow at this point in time, we have missed that window of opportunity.   I also question how I can ever walk or stand when doing so sets off so much pain.  I am working hard.  My GP is doing what he can to help me.  I think I am getting things lined up to to make some positive changes in my treatment.   I fully expect to be at least as mobile as I was prior to surgery.  I finally have family and doctors on board with me that my recovery timeline is not right and they are supporting me through this ordeal.  I will not give up! 


Nancy said…
That's not the 7% you want to be in at all! So sorry to hear this is taking such a toll and such a long time. Do hope your new professionals will bring you along. You've done everything they ask you, so I'm sure it feels very discouraging to not see the results you'd hoped for (and "most people" get). Glad you were able to get to quilt retreat- that must have been a lift for you.