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All over quilting

Several pretty quilts with some all over quilting, some freehand and some using hand guided pantographs.

freehand feather swirl, sometimes there are fullness issues and you must work from the front of the machine to smooth everything out.  This one turned out fantastic! Undulate, by Denise Schillinger.   Hand guided panto. Ideal pattern to showcase some pretty fabrics

Rhapsody, hand guided panto  It's rare that I get a quilt that after all fits back in the bag the client sent it in!   How cute it looks in there.  I really like this big star quilt.  Scrappy in fabric and a variety of sizes, my kind of quilt. This quilt could have gone a modern route with some major custom quilting on it.    But, it is yummy with a simple freehand spiral and easy on the budget.   Sometimes that makes you love the design even more.   Soft and cuddly and the pieced work definitely takes center stage. freehand swirls and a really fun backing for this with a peacock type feather design.  …