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Mickey's 11th Birthday!

Yesterday I took cupcakes to Mickey's 5th grade class @ Barbers Point Elementary School.  Mr. Karsk led the kids singing Happy Birthday to Mickey in JAPANESE!   They have Japanese lessons 1X week set to a zany video that the kids really enjoy watching.  His school has five 5th grade classes with about 30 kids each.  We are lucky to have several kids in his classroom that live here @ Ko'Olina .  Mickey also enjoyed early release all week @ 12:45 and then the greatest part - Furlough Friday for his birthday!  How cool is that to have your birthday off from school.   Dad took some comp time and was home shortly after noon to enjoy an early birthday lunch celebration with cake.  Later this evening will be spent playing some mini-golf and taking in a movie.  Pretty nice birthday event - kids are playing the new Wii Resort game now.

Ice Age 3 cake

You can get a glimpse of the lower lanai and our pumpkins on the table outside.

Mickey's classroom (he is front row left side in orange…

Pumpkins, Tigger and formal wear....

Just a few pics to share from the past week......

Vog heavy in the background for a few weeks due to no tradewinds.

Today is the day Tigger arrives in Honolulu!!!

We have anxiously been awaiting this day for 3 months.  Hawaii has a very strict quarintine policy with a 120 day waiting period from the date certain tests are run before you can bring a pet on the island.  Today is the earliest he could arrive without quarintine and penalties.    I am like a new mom or grandparent awaiting the birth of a new baby!    Here's a snapshot from the flight tracker.  Another 4 hours and I can wrap my arms around him.

Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives....

Very exciting half hour today!  Bob pulled in from work and said grab the camera - Guy Fiere is filming in front of our property!   We quickly took off, I did not even get my hands on the good camera but lucky us, as we pulled out of our gate, he was right in front of us is this awesome little turqoise woody wagon.  We drove along behind him.  A white van rolled beside him with the doors open filming as Guy drove and talked toward the camera, then they flipped and did it all over again.  We spoke to him from across the street, he says he does not get to keep the car.  This is the 2nd star Bob has met.  He ran into Mark Decasco (Iron Chef America and currently on Dancing With the Stars) the 2nd weekend we were in Hawaii.   Now we will have to find out when this Guy Fiere shoot will show on TV.  What an unexpected surprise!

She was someone that ran from a chase car with a script in her hand

Have these guys grown?!   This is from our anniversary dinner which followed 5 nights of scuba lessons, one surfing lesson plus a full day, 2 tank dive on that day for the boys.  The following day for them was another 2 tank, all day open water dive to complete their certification tests, followed by another surfing lesson and later a quick dive from our beach up above the Paradise Cove Luau.  They were ready to go back to school and relax!   I'm not even posting pics of us - we were all showing  wear that week.

Fall Break

Fall Break was a busy time in our household.   I had signed the boys up for a few surfing lessons and my dear hubby signed us up for scuba certification too.  DH was already certified but took the refresher course and both boys passed with flying colors.  I don't have any good pictures but believe there are a few underwater cameras around to be developed.  All 3 are loving surfing and had 2 lesson days and now a 3rd day of on their own surfing  @ White Plains Beach.   Most of my pictures are not good,   I can't see a thing in my view finder because the sun is so bright making me have to just guess if the subject matter is in the view.  Sadly, most often I did not.  From this beach you have a beautiful view of Diamond Head and Honolulu.  The following pictures were on their first day of lessons, water was mild and they loved it!

Mickey surfing

That is Dad!

Sorry Brandon - I did not get a good shot of you but that is you almost surfing out of the picture

First Ramblings

We are getting settled in here in Oahu and I have finally taken the time to attempt my first blog.  Quilting has taken a back seat to all the sea, sand, surf activities the island has to offer and we are taking full advantage of this opportunity.  I am currently working on a "secret" challenge so I can't share any quilting pics just yet.  But I can start by posting pics of the area and the boys.

Street View of our condo/townhouse and garage.

Aerial view of where we live which is behind the tall building on the left.

Beach @ Bellows. 

Pretty Rainbow over Ko'Olina Kai condos.