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Total Knee Replacement Week 27

Today marks off the end of 27 weeks since surgery, the 6 month anniversary has officially passed by now.   Last week found me with my 4th round of issues since week 15 wanting to go to ER or anywhere they would help me.   My GP did tell me Thursday to go to the ER!

After Monday's PT I had increased pain which escalated into an odd tight, painful sensation of being numb and wrapped around my entire leg from mid-thigh down my leg.   I got a work-in appt at my GP's office but they only prescribed more meds for the increased pain hoping that would get me through to my Neuro visit that was to occur the following week.   They also did a follow up on a pain management referral because they would not see me until they had neurological report.  I wanted to get the ball rolling on that since neuro was finally happening.   Crazy to have to wait so long for some sort of pain relief.  Also a referral was made to a Physical Management and Therapy.   Sounds like someone to take charge of look…

Conroe Show Ribbons and TKR update

One of my local guilds, Golden Needles in Conroe, TX  had their show a few weeks ago.   You may remember that their show was scheduled for last year but Hurricane Harvey had other plans.  Our quilts were judged but never hung as the convention center was being used as a shelter.   Sad that those awesome quilts were never on display!   We were able to re-book for this year but only had a year to make new quilts!   Members still pulled off a beautiful display of amazing quilts, the entire show and live auction was awesome.

Personally, My Fade To Purple got a 1st place ribbon and Gravity placed 2nd in the same Modern category - all sizes.   Yeah!   Gravity has finally shown in all 3 of my guilds that I am a member of that hosts their own show (modern is too small and no show) /  She finally gets to be hung back in front of my custom longarm machine.   I took it down last fall, it hung at Houston in the Texas Guilds Award winning quilts exhibit (they choose about 20 each year to hang).  I…