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Progress with my Innova

I've had my new 26" Innova for 8 weeks.  12 days I was camping and I also had some down time when scheduling some adjustments to my machine.   So really less than 6 weeks of time spent on her.  No name yet.   No tattoos either!  Still a bit of a learning curve.  Every machine feels a little different, the weight is different, the feel of the machine as you move it along.  She could use color,  I do miss seeing those pretty decals like I had on my Fusion. My only customization to the top so far, a cup mounted for my thread snips.  No place to mount my suction cup like on my Fusion and a small magnet seems to slide off with the weight of the scissors. Differences so far?  Quilting from behind doing a panto,  the Innova glides over bulky seams so effortlessly that I often check mid row just to be sure I'm stitching with thread!   My Fusion would go across bulky seams banging and crashing so loudly sometimes that I would think it surely was broken!   Thick seams have even k…

Purple Batik Sampler

Samplers are so much fun!  This one was from a class she took but I did not write down the name and I can't remember.  But so much fun!   Fun to piece and quilt translates to a happy quilter and happy client.  I am  handguided, mostly freehand with a few rules/templates for some designs.

Kaleidoscope Quilts

I love these quilts and wish they were mine!  The colors she chose, keeping them monochromatic  and scrappy.   Wow  - Love!   The brown/black received light custom quilting.    Freehand continous curve designs and a little ruler work around the borders.   The blue/purple/green is quilted using a hand guided panto called  "Denise Spirals" by Denise Schillinger.


This client quilt was a BOM called Downtown, designed by Carol Doak.  Such a fun quilt and I love those colors.  She opted for an all over pantograph called "Rhapsody" by Patricia Ritter.   Hand guided, almost 100x100.   It turned out gorgeous!  She has new quilts planned for 5 bedrooms and a new house in the works as well so she needed budget friendly.  We all love custom quilting but I think this quilt proves that an edge to edge design works beautifully for most quilts.