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Trying to catch up!

Gosh it's hard to catch up sometimes when you take a few days off.   October finished with a birthday party for Mickey, Halloween preparations, Houston International Quilt Festival, my birthday plus the countless day to day events that occur.   I've been quilting, I just have not had a chance to post.   Also I lost some of my photos somehow.  Here's my attempt to catch up:

One of the classes I took at Quilt Festival.   Silk fabric, silk batting and silk thread stitched on longarm.   Then we "painted" with dye.   We can now use this fabric to make something like a notebook cover.   One of my favorite classes there this year. Mickey's 14th! Did I even post the #2 Parasol Ladies as finished?   I don't think so. Some of my Desert Sky blocks.   One of the prettier T-Shirt Quilts.  Very colorful!   A lot of people just make up their T-shirt quilts with black, navy and gray type T-shirts.
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