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Look How We Have Grown!

A non-quilting post today, several of you have wanted to see pictures of the completed kitchen/masterbath remodel.  The bathroom has all new just about everything, the kitchen got new floor tile, countertops and backsplash.   While under construction, I ran across this picture of Mickey that was taken by a friend shortly after we moved into this house.  It's a little fuzzy but you can really see how much things have changed for the kitchen and Mickey!  We are very pleased with the results.
old bathroom vanity

basic white shower gold fixtures
wallpaper is off, area around jet tub
white floor tile up, almost ready to remove the island and countertops

still have the white double ovens - they should hopefully have lots of life left in them and with all the white doors, they don't stand out as that different from the rest of the kitchen.

my new vanity!

hubby's vanity.   As you enter the bath, you have my vanity on the left, the potty and hubby's vanity to the right, the s…

My Blue Hawaii

She's finally finished and hopefully I can make space on one wall for displaying in my quilting studio (formerly known as our dining room).  It's my only room with lots of color, the walls are a dark blue and quilts hung usually have lots of purple, yellow and green.   Most of you know that the "little" boys and I packed our 2 suitcases and headed off to have our own Hawaiian adventure when hubby was activated for a 10 month stint filling a position at Hickam AFB.  I packed an old UFO of intricate hand applique to work on during my LONG days over there but I got bored really fast with that.  I needed to zoom along on projects.   I'm not happy if I can't finish at least one project per month and one per week would be even better!  I picked up a sewing machine @ the Women's Expo in September but still had no fabrics or tools to speak of...  Found a quilt shop nearby but prices were high and nothing really interested me.   A few of my quilting friends took …

Gemini "ish" quilt off the frame

After all my headaches with my Kaufman Challenge quilt while on the frame, so pleased this one quilted out very pretty and as planned.  This quilt is from Jan, our coordinator for "Sunshine Quilts" which are quilts from our guild members that go to several local charities.   I hope the recipient enjoys this quilt as as much as I do!

I forgot one of the main reasons I don't like using 40 wt in the bobbin....    one pass on this 50" quilt and almost a whole bobbin of thread.  These are "M" size for the HQ Fusion and wound on the stand alone bobbin winder.

Close up of the "Clematis" pantograph design
Double stitched - lost my direction while I was quilting AND talking with Brandon!  I did not take it out - not sure anyone will even notice as it doesn't really scream error at you.

Tigger enjoyed sitting in the open window this morning watching the birds @ the feeder while I quilted.   He's feeling so much better since his illness over…