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Another Red and Green

Loaded late Friday.   Taking my time.  Ditching everything and basting where needed  as I advance.  Quick trip over the weekend but I'll be back on this Monday.

Bright applique

This one is bright and beautiful!   It has caused me some grief because most thread won't show over most of this quilt.  Showing randomly just looks awful with the brighter color threads.  So plan B has been utilized.  Still...  neutral thread mostly shows on the black and yellow...just like my original magenta thread! Hmmmm.   Oh well.  Im going to keep on going.  Not much I can do about that.

Blue Batik Jelly Roll

I could not resist making another jelly roll mile a minute type quilt.   Hopefully I can get it on the frame soon for quilting.   I don't really have a plan for this quilt, the blues just appealed to me.

Strawberry lemonade Jelly Roll Quilt

I just realized that I did not post the finished quilt.  I made a cute chevron pieced hem pillow case to go with the quilt.  I loved the set!  These are headed to a relief effort in Oklahoma for tornado victims and was coordinated by my church.   I quilted  this with a freehand daisy swirl all over design.

Almost back to school and getting back to our routines.

It's been an exciting summer!  We traveled out West, have not been out in that area since 1994 when we toured for 3 weeks by motorcycle.   This time we had 2 teenagers.  We flew into Denver and rented an RV.  RV travel is awesome!   On one hot hike in WY on the Oregon Wagon Trail, I took a shower in the parking lot.  All our things are always with us for whatever adventure or weather we encountered, no public restrooms needed.   When we would find a great spot for lunch, we just had to pull over.  Loved it!   My only complaint after 18 days was I would want to buy one with a slide out for a living area if we should ever be so fortunate enough to get one at retirement.  We stayed outdoors until bedtime, with campfires every night.  Weather was cool almost everywhere we traveled with nights dipping into the low 50's and a few times into the 40's!   Most days were 70's.  Ahhh.   Fantastic trip.  Our RV adventure was followed up by a short visit to San Diego to meet the ne…