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Customer Tshirt quilts I've quilted recently

Here are a few of the t-shirt quilts I've done late.

I really like the way this one was set and the color choices.
I really like this t-shirt!  Hubby went back "Wags" in school.

Customer wanted simple frames to showcase the embroidery.
Baby quilt from dads childhood tees

Super heros!
And up next.... MY Quilt!  Desert Sky

Bright Triple Rail

Cute little quilt I picked up from Charity Bee to quilt and bind.  I doodled on paper several ideas, so many fun things you can quilt on this style but opted to quilt up that little freehand flower swirl and a very forgiving no mark border.  Batting for this project was also supplied and it is oh so thin cotton which does nothing to showcase any quilting dimension.   I almost rummaged through my scraps to add a 2nd layer for loft... but decided to just go with what was supplied.  I use 2 battings on most of my own projects so I get that "pop" with the quilting design.   Go to all that work and I want it to show LOL!   Blue makes me think boy... but the purple I just wasn't sure about and opted to quilt for a girl.  Quilted and bound.   Ready for a recipient!

Small Group Quilt Retreat

Four of us had a small gathering this past week for lots of sewing, longarm quilting and even a little knitting fun.  We visited the Quilt Museum and also shopped several quilt shops along the drive from the museum as well as some specialty shops in downtown LaGrange while waiting for the museum to open.    Lots of fun, laughter, good food, progress on our projects and shopping!  I was ready to see my family again but gosh on the other hand it was so much fun hanging out with the girls.  We decided this should be a quarterly thing to go along with the rotation @ the museum.   Can't wait for the next event!  No pics of progress or shopping, you will just have to believe me that progress was made.

See how bright the light is on the machine in  the center front?   I picked up one of those 6 LED lights for my little machine last week too.   Really adds lots of light and simple to install. TV, comfy furniture, fireplace.  Ahhhh

2 adorable little fur babies too!