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My chevron quilt "Fracture"

I'm going to post pictures of this little quilt that I made for one of my granddaughters.   I don't think I have any family that reads my blog... none are quilters so looking at this stuff ranks right up there with reading tax codes or something similar for them.   Anyway, my sweet, talented and immensely dedicated granddaughter Laura fractured her foot @ a gymnastics meet a couple of weeks ago so I made this comfort quilt for her.  I really had fun playing with this style of quilting and look forward to working on more.

These 2 pictures are backside.

Chevron backside

It's off the frame.   I just had to share a quick pic of the backside...   I'm so thrilled that the quilting lined up better than I had hoped with the design on the backside!   Meanwhile, back to working on the binding.

HST will be some quilting fun!

This little chevron quilt is finished and will be loaded on the frame for some quilting fun tomorrow!

String Quilt with inner sashing

This one is for the guild's charity bee.   Ladies in the group stitched the string blocks and packed with a backing fabric and outer border fabric.  Then they get passed on to others to set and quilt.   I felt like these blocks needed a little more unity so opted to add a border fabric from my stash and used the dark green as inner sashing and binding.  I think it turned out nice, strings always are fun to play with.  Quilted with a panto design called Faye Feathers with a light gray thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting.

First completed top in 2013!

I was so excited I thought I was going to cry!   With our many moves the past few years, homeschooling, 2 surgeries, starting my own longarm service and now moving my mother nearby; carving out time for my personal projects has been difficult.   I was overwhelmed that I finally got this one done!   This pattern works up fast, I just have not had many hours to work on it.   I started with an assortment of fat quarters and was not too sure how some of these would work together.    Ideally,  I would swap out and make a few different blocks for some of these, but on the other hand I think the look is interesting and DONE is always good.   Oddly, when you view the quilt from any of the 4 sides... the color layout looks different!    I have not decided which view is my favorite.

Here is a pic of the blocks in progress.   The close up show the colors a little more accurately.   I like the flow of this layout, but it was looking out of balance when I started laying out all the blocks with ver…