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10 weeks TKR (Total Knee Replacement)

Monday marks the completion of 10 weeks since my surgery.  I continue to struggle getting to a "0" extension but some improvement has been made.  I've now progressed from a walker to a cane to unassisted.  I am driving in my neighborhood.  I have avoided the freeways so far.  However I still walk with a limp and walking is pretty much limited to getting in and out of buildings due to pain.   I am not able to take a stroll around the block or walk for exercise at this time.  I am beginning to apply what feels like equal weight on both legs for a few minutes at less swollen times of the day.  Walking and standing for more than an hour is not possible at this time.  I can not sleep through the night and moderate pain is evident 24/7.  Crazy right?   How do I have surgery and I am worse than before!!??

Most people are feeling so much better by this time.  Many have returned to work.   I have the added burden that I must stand and move about all day with my work and really can…