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15 Weeks Total Knee Replacement (NQR)

It's hard to keep a positive attitude. Recovery continues at a snails pace. I'm into my 16th week where most people are feeling good, have returned to work or have gone on to complete and record for us their hikes or long bike rides (I'm a member of an online support group).  I have progressed just the past 2 weeks where I can sit non-elevated, legs down with tolerable  pain and swelling.  I can stand for longer periods of time with equal weight on both feet! Walking is less painful and my leg is straighter at least in the morning. Swelling never reaches the crazy level anymore.  Most nights I can sleep at least 5 hours. I want to relate to most folks in their first 2 weeks of recovery... except most of those are at 0 extension and I am at best a 3, ROM changes throughout the day based on swelling.  But is it the best progress to date.  Progress!

That works about my leg and quilting!

I have had to make concessions, I can't continue with these restrictions to daily life. …