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Six Week TKR

Never ever did I imagine I would be still be at this level in rehab at 6 weeks.   Everyone is different I've joined an online support group so I at least have some folks to not feel alone with because so many do so well so quickly.  Protocol always said that we would be using some sort of assistance or walking device for 6-12 weeks with a full recovery a year or more out!  Many are done with that so much sooner.   I did graduate to a cane Monday which was my 6 weeks date.  Canes are really difficult when your knee is swollen into a tree stump and totally non-responsive to your body! No support to me at all. I mostly don't use it in the house. You can't prop it anywhere that it doesn't fall on the floor and I have enough furniture to hold onto in most rooms.  Shopping I'm told to get a grocery cart and use that for support.

At 4 weeks I had 2.5 days that I felt like I was making progress then I was slammed backward again.   Monday I actually had a very good day and …

Surgery Update

Some of you may not be aware that I recently opted to go for a total knee replacement surgery.   I injured my right knee 40+ years ago, had surgery in '91 and  '12 cleaning it up and trying to make do but a replacement was the next option.    I rocked on another 5 years but the past year was increasingly difficult, with a reduction in things that I could continue to participate in without pain and swelling even with medication.  Acts like sitting in a car or airplane or standing all day long to quilt had become increasingly difficult.   I could not put it off any longer.   I planned surgery 30 days out to give me time to try to get things in order with work prior to surgery and formulate a plan.

The timeline for recovery is quite long but so many people told me they were back to their routines so quickly, I was hoping for the same for myself.   Unfortunately, my recovery has been very slow (but average per statistics).   Personally, I had no understanding of how limited my ran…