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Operation Enduring Freedom

Binding prepared and sewn down to one side this afternoon.  Yeah!   Leaving in a few days so decided to take some pics today and post because when I get this finished and laundered, we will be leaving to visit family before Bob departs.   I did wash and machine dry a sample with the wool batting and it came out so nice so will keep our fingers crossed that the quilt will wash up this well too.   Hubby is thrilled with his quilt!

Bump in Track

Just trying to document the problems I have been having with this HQ Fusion table, track, carriage....   Working direct with HQ home office rep instead of local dealer now.

I think you can see where this big bump occurs and you can't keep the foot next to a ruler or even quilt out a feather....  just an inch over - no problems.   However this will work in a line up or down the quilt.

Brackets holding table sections have been re-placed.  At that time we had a good 1/4" difference in level from one side of the table section track to the other.   We have loosened the track and re-worked it, HQ is sending a new carriage however neither of us believe this is the problem.   I had as many as 3 wheels not touching the track but that may be correctect now after loosening the track up.     So tired of these frustrations!   After spending so much money you would think you could just quilt.....

Work In Progress Updated 4/8

Sneak peak at the quilt top currently on the frame.   Still having issues with the frame.  HQ is in touch with me and assures me that the will get these issues resolved.   Very frustrated with my machine, control issues, wheels don't always touch the track....   Maybe soon this will be corrected and I can quilt exactly what I want to quilt and not what the carriage will allow me to quilt....

Anyway, problems of a different nature.  I chalked in lettering on a block that I was going to stitch, but the phrases run to the side of the quilt.   Hmmmm, it's marked I should be able to quilt it no matter which way I stand right?   Apparently not..  Standing viewing the phrase down the side, you can't make out what letter is what, as I started stitching I was not sure of the proper direction to make those loops (all my f's are wrong).   My frame is large enough, I thought I would stand inside at quilt with the machine in an akward postion.  Doable but the shank that holds the n…