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A Few more quilts from 2012

These were adorable and so much fun to work on!  I wish I had a frame to hang these from for photos....   Maybe next year.  Also no idea why when I upload to Picasa first, I get this gray bar on the bottom of my photos?  Oh well....  the last of the client quilts for 2012 and they were so much FUN to work on!

The Doggie one got a simple loopy meander with a dog bone quilted in here and there.
The dragon one was ADORABLE but with the bright dark colors, I worried that custom quilting would be lost over most of the quilt top.   I used a panto "fluffy clouds" with a variegated thread hoping to pick up a feel like clouds and/or dragons breath on the piece.

Some of the last quilts for 2012

This one is a lovely Asian modern framed square pattern, sorry I don't know the exact name.  This will be a bed quilt for the client's son so we wanted the quilting to be not so feminine.  We went for lovely texture, Glide Vegas Gold thread  and used wool batting.  Ahhh - I LOVE this one.

The hand quided panto is called "popcorn" and looks great on so many styles of quilts - from cutesy baby quilts to looking oh so elegant on this one!   Medium density to add lots of texture to your quilt, smaller design filling not so large of an area creating a consistent backdrop for those fabrics. How about more T-shirts quilts?   I don't post many of these, they usually are so large and hard to get a good view of them.  Some really cute ones came through here recently.

I had 2 sets of the black/blue school shirts one to quilt.   One had several T's with lots of rhinestones and both of these finished really sharp looking.  As with many quilts, the beauty is hard to captur…

Six More quilts and I am DONE for the year.

I am almost done with this years' quilts for clients.   Knee surgery planned for Thursday plus we are moving my mother to her own little "new to her" house near us just after Christmas.   She'll be moved in her new home before the New Year!   Yesterday we played at an annual German Market festival that runs for a few days near us.   Lots of fun had by all however little actual shopping was accomplished.  We sampled lots of tasty German foods like sausages, sourkraut and potato salads, homemade rootbeer and pretzels.  The boys rode carnival rides and climbed rock walls.   Beautiful weather and a great day for all.  We also visited a tree farm that morning and cut down our own fresh Virginia Pine tree.  Mick says we are going to do this every year from now own.  Decorating the tree  AND getting in some quilting are my priorities for this afternoon.   

Batik Scrappy Beauties

I've been waiting to share these pretty quilts until my client picked them up!   We met taking a class for the Bali Wedding Star.  Hers is not only pieced but it is now quilted!   Mine is in a plastic box on my sewing machine table right now....    Also shown is another Triple Irish Chain bed runner that she made from scraps leftover after making a full size one for a gift.   Then, she had scraps from the Bali Wedding Star AND the Triple Irish Chain so she made this big star looking pattern (I'm trying to get the name of the pattern - thinking she said it was a Bonnie Hunter).  That one got a panto called Spring Garland.   All 3 of these were quilted using Hobbs wool batting.

I won!

Kim @ Sew-n-Sew Quilting decided to host a give away in honor of exceeding 100 followers on her blog.... AND I  WON!   She's giving away one of her handmade charm bracelets (not only a quilter, author, teacher but also makes jewelry) and I could not be more thrilled.    Scroll down a couple of posts and you can see what one looks like.    Thanks Kim!