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Quilt Shows and Longarm Quilters

I've had almost 48 hours and my emotions are beginning to return to a normal range, but it has been one heck of a day and a half.  My concern really isn't Road to California, it's about all shows, it's about publications, it's about anyone that has been denied recognition of their contribution to whatever it is.   This particular event brings to the forefront every insult from lack of acknowledgement from several shows even in my own neighborhood, my guilds.

Quilts I have quilted for two different clients  belonging to two different local guilds (that I am also a member of), have won Best of Show.   Did I get a ribbon for either one?   No. Even worse, one of these shows did not even list me as the quilter!   **Edited -   The SHOW did not list me as quilter on the id card.   The maker did.   Another quilt I quilted in that show omitted my name as well on the card**   Another quilt I quilted at my main guild won a Judges Award for Best Machine Quilting.  Did I get a …

Green Scrappy

Sally had a lot of  piecing into this scrappy green quilt.  Quilted with a green variegated thread on top and a little less green shade on the back.  Quilted with Bubbles Big/Small.

Texas Two Step - edge to edge quilting

This is a lovely scrappy quilt and that black inner sashing really enhances the colors.   To get the backing to the right size, she also added black borders on each side of her main fabric.   The golden beige color of the thread was so striking on the black.   My photo color does not capture how pretty this quilt finished.    Machine computer guided pantograph using  Bethanne Nemesh's Feather Grande and Omni thread in Creek Bed.

Suzie's Paradise in Blooms

This is my 6th time to quilt a Paradise in Blooms quilt, a Quiltworx, Judy Niemeyer pattern!  This one will become a bed quilt and originally was to be lighter custom but Suzie saw the one I quilted for Lou Ellen in a similar colorway and really liked the quilting dimension she saw in the photos.  We changed a few things around, different feathers, double batting.  It really pops!  I used Quilters Dream 70/30 with Quilters Dream Wool on top for nice dimension and a variety of Glide, Isacord and Superior threads.

Suzie took it straight from the box and had to see in in the bedroom it will grace once binding is complete.  Beautiful!

What an awesome embroidered label she made directly onto one of the backing fabric panels.
even with busy fabrics you still see a good deal of detail from the back
I added a little geometric design to the bottom corners.

What a lovely quilt to sleep under.  I really like the QD combo of battings.    Not too puffy in in the larger areas but enough to really m…

Barbara's Eight

I've had a run on the aqua, teals lately!    Here is another Judy Niemeyer pattern called "Eight" pieced by Barbara.  This is constructed differently from the Fire Island Hosta and similar quilts in that the leaves are constructed from their placemat series, then appliqued onto the background.  Barbara wanted light custom quilting with lots of feathers.   She did a beautiful job constructing this!  Barbara is also a regular in our WWIT  (What Was I Thinking} group that meets once a month.   It's fun to quilt something that you have watched being made from inception to finish!    If you are local and interested in joining us, we meet the 3rd Wednesday of the month.  Cupcake Quilt Shop graciously allows us the use of her classroom and we are so grateful!  Contact me for more info.

Our Christmas and New Year 2017

We had a whirlwind driving trip over the Christmas break, driving up from Houston to NE Dallas area to pick up our Aunt  Doris (sister to Bob's mom).  That's a 5 hour drive for us, then on to NJ from there  - 1500 miles over 2 days.   Each way, then our trip back to Houston area.    I'm getting too old to handle these get there as fast as you can trips... but then again it would have been 8 travel days instead of 6 if we added one day on each end.   That's exhausting too.  Aunt Doris had not seen Mom since 2011, travel is difficult for her now.   Happy she agreed to go with us driving, flying was not an option.

The town my husband grew up in is so quaint.  I love it there and would have always considered moving there.   I understand his reasons on why he did not want to work there, 2 hour commutes/traffic added to your work day is not fun.   But when you can stay in the community, oh my gosh I love it!  It was a community built to raise your family, the train stops the…