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It is the little things that sometimes make such a difference

Finally, the first time in 21 days that I have been able to take a shower without assistance.  I have had to have my arm with the PICC line wrapped in saran wrap then followed with press n seal to keep that area dry while showering.  My movement was restricted on that arm anyway from the insertion and attempts to place a PICC line in another area in that arm that is still swollen.   But after being wrapped, I could not bend my arm to shampoo etc.  Even cling wrap free and I could not fully bend or extend my arm.  That line came out yesterday!   I would have fallen apart if I had been told I had to keep it in even 1 more day.  I have very small veins and was put through the wringer by ER and the hospital to draw labs and place IVs during my hospital stay from infection. 

I have gone through 2 ordeals, the revision knee replacement following 1 year of pain and mobility issues from a botched replacement April 2018.  The knee was doing great, but at about 7 days I started feeling sick, na…