2018 Online Bloggers Meet and Greet

I have been invited to participate in Benita Skinner's online bloggers Meet and Greet.  You may want to meet other quilters and check out the fab prizes that Benita is offering  from her website.   You will find the links below.

If you are not familiar with me, I am a professional longarm quilter specializing in custom heirloom quilting primarily for Judy Niemeyer / Quiltworx pp quilts and applique quilts but I am not taking new clients at this time.   I also offer computerized edge to edge quilting to compliment your quilt tops and usually have approximately a 2 week turn around time.  There are so many beautiful designs available to day.

Here are few  recent custom  quilts:
Suzie's Paradise In Blooms

Lou Ellen's Glacier Star

Lou Ann's Vintage Rose

Sally's Lancaster 

And some fun edge to edge designs:

My 2 Fabric Bargello

Jo Ann's Prairie Star


If you are intersted in my edge to edge longarm quilting services, check out my website here

Be sure to stop by and enter for the Meet and Greet Contest Entry  You can enter 1 time per blog that you visit.  To view the list of other quilters that you may not  know, visit the following page:  Meet and Greet list of quilters.


Denise :) said…
Wow, what amazing work!! Nice to 'meet' you! :)
Preeti said…
Exquisitely beautiful!!!
I admire such beautiful talent from a long arm quilter. Your work is spectacular! I am sure your clients are very happy with how you transform their quilts.
Tammy said…
Lovely to meet you and your blog. Love your projects. Your quilts are out of this world amazing.
I'm a longarm quilter, too, but I'm fairly certain that I will NEVER be as skillful as you are!! I am in awe of your ability to wrangle the machine and get it to do what you do. Incredible!!
Frédérique said…
I so love your quilting! Nice to know you better ;)
Marti Morgan said…
I have free motion quilted, which I love, and was on the fence about a long arm, but would have to sell some living room furniture to make room for it. Maybe I don't need to make that big of a change, because I would be doing it for myself, not being interested in making money with it. I love the whole process of making a quilt and would not want to be stuck at the long arm to meet orders.
Nann said…
I admire professional quilting. I'm sure it's a challenge when a customer says, "Oh, you choose what will work." Thanks for joining the Meet & Greet. I'm enjoying getting to know other quilt bloggers.
Meloney said…
Your quilting is amazing. BEAUTIFUL. I really only do edge to edge. I think I am too impatient to take the time to become better.
Some lovely glimpses of those amazing quilts you've worked on. Thank you!
LJ said…
Fabulous quilting. You are amazing. A 2-week turn-a-round is wonderful. I'll remember you if I decide at some time to 'quilt by check'.
Calicojoan said…
Absolutely gorgeous quilting on some stunning quilts!
OhioLori said…
Absolutely Beautiful work!! Quilts are Awesome!! & so is your quilting! Thank you for being a part of the Meet & Great!! :)