Longarm Challenge Reveal Day

Our local longarm group "The Stand Up Divas" or SUDS for short hosts an annual challenge each year.  This year we created s sampler of minis totaling 18.5".   It was supposed to represent a block as you might find in a sampler quilt, use only blue and white fabrics and contain somewhere a bit of a fabric contributed by Debbie of Quilter's Quarters where our group meets.

Our reveal!

Lower right was not complete but we got her picture in!   I believe we definitely have 2 more that did not make the meeting today but have finished projects.   These will be on display at our local guild show in September.   Golden Needles Quilt Guild - Conroe, TX
Mine.  Bowie Blues.   You can find out what my challenges were HERE.   One thing I did that was new to me was to thicken my design lines to help them show on that busy background fabric I chose.






Lou Ann

Mary Jo



I was surprised to see that almost everyone used their challenge fabric as their focus fabric.   I'm used to using those fabrics in small bits.  Recognizable but you may have to search for it.   I'm really glad I was concerned about using too many blues and maybe clashing with others because only 4 of us used blues other than that very dark navy tone.  My block done up in my desired method would have had the 2 outer borders done in 2 colors each for a total of 4 more blues added... instead I used the small print.  Good choice!  Happy to see those of us that did introduce a brighter blue all match.
Splendid job by all and always fun to participate.   However, this may be changing to every other year.   Annual challenges sneak up on you fast! 


Becky Collis said…
Wow! What a talented bunch! They are all so cool!
Valerie said…
Becky we have so many talented quilters! I feel so fortunate to be a part of this group.
Nancy said…
Challenges are really fun. And somehow the simple two-color quilt always has great appeal- esp blue and white! These are wonderful.
Rhonda said…
I love challenges & this was a great one. It's amazing to see the different ideas, choices, & quilting styles. Two thumbs up. You are so right about how time can get away from you or come at you quickly!!