One Year Anniversary of my Knee Replacement

I had my follow up to see the revision specialist to order the bone scan on 4/01/19.   I have had a dreadful fear for the past 2 months, that this test was going to show nothing wrong and we would be back at square one.  Even at the doctor's on 4/01, he seemed to not remember 6 months ago what we talked about.  I am thinking great, here we go again.  But he ordered the scan and recommended that I have the bone scan done at a specific place, not for the scan itself but because of the person that READS the scans.   I wanted to schedule closer to my home, but he stressed, do I want someone preparing the report that sees maybe 5 of these a year?  Or do I want someone to interpret the scan that reads 5 of these a day?  We lucked out and got in that day for the scan.  It took hours, the radioactive isotopes had to be delivered to their location, injected into me and then I had to wait 2 hours before the scan which took about another hour.  Crazy though, I did not take off my clothes, not even my shoes! But another long day and horrible traffic leaving downtown @ 6pm.

My consult to discuss the results was on Monday.  I still was filled with dread, I was so fearful that this test would be normal and now what  would I do?  But no, the results showed the lower unit that goes into the tibia (where I experience my worst pain) is loose and moving, and something is going on with the knee cap movement as well.  The upper unit seems to be OK, but he does not want to chance that component failing a year or 2 from now and having to do this all over again. Everything will be removed and new implants installed.

First, today a lovely client and friend brought flowers to celebrate what really is my good news!  This also gets a pretty picture on top of my blog.

My new hardware will look like this.  To remove the current implants, more bone is lost so the new implants must go deeper into the the now more narrow parts of my bones.

My current xrays look like this:

My left is almost bone on bone in this xray.   The original implant is much shorter than a revised implant.  Risk of infection and blood clots are increased with a revision.  Recovery time is supposed to be longer than a conventional replacement.  I reminded him I am over a year and not recovered yet. I anticipate this recovery to be much shorter!

To cut down risk of infection, I will be staying only 1 night in the hospital and will return home the following day.  Surgery is next Thursday!  Outpatient PT starts on Monday.   I have set up to go to yet another one, this one is small with only 2 therapists but is is very close to home.   Getting there and back may prove to be a problem this time around.  Staff seemed friendly and knowledgeable, equipment and space is adequate.

My hubby leaves early in the AM to go out of state and changed his plans to return the night before my surgery.  We pulled up area rugs today, all my pre-certification tests have been done.   I attend a class tomorrow at the hospital to prep us on what to expect during surgery and at home, what we might need at home,  a tour of the hospital etc.  I probably know more than most on that one but each doctor does things differently.

I am expecting a full recovery in a much shorter time frame and with much less pain.   I have full confidence in my surgeon.   This is going to work!   I want to work, enjoy life, do my chores, walk my dog, kayak....    I have trust this one will be successful.


Nancy said…
A mix of news- that was one very long day to get the scans done, but you did it in a right way with the good news result that you have real answers. What a very difficult year you have had! Hoping and praying with you that this will resolve all of the problems and you'll have a faster recovery. All the best to you next week!
Valerie said…
Thank you Nancy! It is a rough surgery but I am up for the task. Thank you for your support and well wishes!
Becky Collis said…
Finally!!! I know in my heart that this is your path toward freedom from pain and immobility! I'm so happy for you, and I'm sending all good thoughts to you!
Debbie said…
I'm so happy to hear this Valerie, I followed your blog for some time now, and couldn't believe all the pain you were in. Keep us posted, you are in my thoughts and prayers!!!