Day 3 Revision Knee Replacement

Amazing things happening with my knee revision!  This specialist has done everything differently from my original knee replacement done last year 4/9/18.  Even diet, pumping in lots of added protein and carbs.  Different anesthesia, pain meds, sutures, knee...   I have not been sick with this surgery.   I was alert in the operating room getting ready to move to recovery. 

I was his last procedure for the day.  As a revision, they take longer.   You have to get the old hardware out, drill down more and replace with much longer stems on the devices.  Mine went faster than anticipated.  The component going into the tibia essentially fell out once opened up!  The femur component was more firmly adhered.  I was moved into recovery @ 4pm and I had my first round of PT and walked assisted with a walker by 6pm!

Bone pain around the knee hurts more, but I don't have any of the other symptoms so far like last year.  I could not lift my leg up last year.   I can lift my leg straight up toward the ceiling, right, and left while lying prone in bed.  I could not tolerate any pressure on my heel or my toes last year (sitting, cover, etc.).  I still could not lie down comfortably in bed due to the pressure on my heel/knee.  Last year @ 3 days it took a 2 person assist with a wheelchair behind me and a white belt for the nurse to hold on to me, to manage walking 25'.  I walked 250' on walker with a nurse nearby only 22 hours after this surgery.  No throwing up, great mental clarity.  Unbelievable difference!  Surgery Thursday afternoon 4/25, released 2pm Friday.  Fast turn around assures less risk of infection and most recovery better at home.  Plus I can sleep when I feel the urge to sleep.  I can't begin to tell you how amazing this recovery is going so far (I am only day 3).   Unassisted shower on Day 2, it was 3 weeks before I could do that last time and literally, I was so exhausted after.   Oh my gosh things are so different.   Outpatient PT starts tomorrow.   I can't wait to hear what my ROM will be.

I have different sutures, nickel free components (Smith & Nephew).   There are 2 sets of dissolving sutures and some type of glue covered by a waterproof, self dissolving bandage that  looks a little shiny otherwise you can't tell anything is there.

Swelling is being kept at a minimum so far.   Lots of elevation and icing. I am doing fantatastic!



Mom said…
Excellent news Valerie!
Becky Collis said…
You're doing soooooo good! I'm so happy for you! Keep up the great work Valerie!🙌🏻
Nancy said…
That is some checklist of differences from then and now! I'm very happy for you- this has been such an ordeal and at last, very encouraging direction for you. It's hard to believe your problems were allowed to go on for so long, but good news now.
Unknown said…
This is such good news! I know you are ecstatic about such early progress. Prayers for a full recovery.