Fire and Ice Feathered Star

This beauty was pieced by my good friend Lou Ann and I custom quilted this for the current year fund raiser for Golden Needles Quilt Guild.   I choose to try  digital quilting designs by Peak to Prairie Quilting.  It turned out pretty spectacular!  Tickets are now on sale.

One view as I was building and stitching out the designs.  I basically stitch one element at a time.

Having a 26" throat space which shrinks down to about 22" quiltable area, to quilt these designs in a continuous stitching path, you must turn the quilt.   Hand guided, you can roll back and forth but it is such a pain!   You have to unclamp from each side, roll, clamp each side again and stitch - then repeat! 

Center details in red thread.


Nancy said…
What a beauty this quilt is! So crisp and sharp- just eye-catching. Such a nice event for you and Bob to be part of, too.
Laura said…
Just discovered your blog and I love to see your work. Truly beautiful job!
I am trying to learn custom quilting on my Innova with Mach3 and you are very inspiring.
I am not in business, purely a hobby that is very addictive.
Question: on this quilt, did you do much SID? I struggle on that issue, when should you or not SID?
Laura B. in BC
Lynette said…
ooo! Yeah, those motifs are gorgeous on this!
Janice Holton said…
Wow! That is spectacular! What fund raiser is this for and how do you buy tickets?
Valerie said…
Thank you! The fund raiser is for the general fund (programs, speakers, building expenses etc) for Golden Needles Quilt Guild - Conroe, TX.

let me know if you want tickets - I can take care of that!