Saying Goodbye to some quilts

Do any of you have this problem?   I have a hard time giving away some of my quilts!   Many were practice quilts dating back to machine quilting on the DSM, or the Grace/Juki set up.  Some are in colors that are not my typical decorating scheme.   Many are baby quilt size but not really up to par to give as a gift as coming from me - the quilter!  But for whatever reason, I just keep hanging on to them.  Well, this weekend I identified a few that I can pass along.   This one, a sweet quilt that I do like, doesn't really fit in well in my household with black cats and 3 men in the house.   It is headed off soon to have a new home!   You can click to read about the inspiration for this Robert Kaufman Challenge on my blog.   Goodbye quilt!   It's time you came out of storage and got used, maybe even loved!

It sort of looks like a Valentine's Day quilt doesn't it?  In retrospect, solids are the most difficult to hide stops and starts in your quilting plus I'm sure I was using a 40 wt thread when I was trying to quilt that diagonal design that I drafted for this quilt. I took this one entirely off the frame and "frogged" to remove all the quilting.  I was so unhappy with where that one was going!   Honestly, I have not had another exactly like this come my way again with solids and LONG diagonal grids that I was trying to quilt as the main element to the quilt.   My guess is, that it would have been fine (well maybe other than the starts and stops)..... I was being too critical.   We tend to think in perfection but if you study many quilters' work, we all have little jiggles here and there. I'm pretty sure I would not be using a 40wt thread today on that solid.  I DO still agree with the evaluation of the unwashed RK fabrics.   Lots of crinkly fabric there and even with fabric softner, the fabric weave still remains a little coarse.   I'm spoiled, I really like a flannel back too!   Oh well, hopefully it will be enjoyed, I do like the quilt and the colors appeal to me.... just not to all the guys in this house LOL!