Houston Quilt Festival 2014

Quilt Festival was so much fun this year!   Actually, it is still open for one more day but I'm done for the year.   I had Monday - Thursday there.   Fun classes with Dusty Farrell, Irena Bluhm and Laurie Ceesay.   Lunchen program with Judith Baker Montano about fiber arts and then the Winner's Circle Awards night which is amazing seeing ribbon winners accept their awards.   Their pieces have the  curtains drawn and spotlighted for each event.    Long days and nights.  Monday my only class was 6-9pm, Tuesday 9-12 and 2-5 all day long class, 12-2  luncheon program with less than 1 hour free then the Winners Circle from 6-8 followed by meeting the quilt artists and viewing all the winning pieces up close and personal.  Wednesday I went light with only a morning class from 8-12.  Then of course Wed @ 5pm anyone with classes also gets pre pre-viewing from 5-7 as the vendors and quilt exhibits open.  That's another positive to a class, any class!  The public that bought tickets get into pre-view from 7-10pm and they are winding around the street waiting for that time.   Gets crazy!   I've learned from my 3 prior years, I did not schedule any classes on Thursday.  I only shopped  and looked at quilts.   And I was still exhausted!    So many friends to say hello to, so many vendors to shop and look at the goods.   So many longarms, midarms, sewing machines, embroidery machines.... What a fantastic event.

My "out of the box" class with Laurie Ceesay called "15 Shades of Gray":

My 15 Shades of Gray.  Almost finished in class!   And yes, I had to quilt that on 2" of throat space on a sewing machine.   I have not done that in years and didn't really want to.  But I had time so I manned up.

Class projects

Teachers example

Teachers Finished in yellow.

This was the last day of Market before any breakdown and set up of vendors for Quilt Festival

That is part of the convention center on the right hand side of the photo.

AWESOME VIEW from my room.   Corner room with city street view and the park view in front of the convention center
Lines winding INSIDE the convention center to the escalator for 10AM opening on Thursday

10AM lines outside for Thursday opening. 

A few of my purchases. 


Nancy said…
You sure packed a lot into your time there. Love those faces! Enjoyed seeing the photos.