Mark Sherman Class

Now back to a word about me and quilting, so much family stuff going on lately!   Still a big event that Mick needs to write up and post, maybe next week.   Our family stays busy...

A few weeks ago, our guild Country Road Quilters hosted one of the most amusing and inspiring quilt teachers that I have seen in a long time.  Mark Sherman visited with us and presented a trunk show on Thursday night and the following day held a workshop demonstrating his methods for machine trapunto - all done with a walking foot on your DSM.   You can see one of his award winning quilts here.  The quilt is huge and the photos do not do it justice!  If you ever have an opportunity to attend a lecture or workshop, do yourself a favor and GO.  It is so refreshing and humorous hearing events from your own quilting life coming from a man that has been a stay at home dad taking care of the kids and juggling a creative outlet while his wife was the major bread winner.  Here are a few pics of my project and of the class:

I'm not binding or finishing this completely.  We used 2 layers of wool and 2 layers of cotton batting.  This was my first attempt at pebbling.  I cranked my speed down to a snail's crawl of 8 on my longarm!

This is my backside - looks just like the front, just a lighter shade of pink (we were asked to use solid color fabrics.  I had to swipe some from my Oh Fransson Paint Box PIG).

Solution to getting the arms up high enough to work on the machine/table top!

Sadly, I did not get any pictures of his quilts the night before as I had to rush from art booster club meeting to CRQ meeting with only minutes to spare before the lecture began.  Sample DONE, now on to a "real" quilt!


Nancy said…
This looks really good, Valerie! I'll be putting mine up on my blog soon. It was a fun class, and he was entertaining as a lecturer. I was impressed that he's been quilting for about a decade, and his talent blossomed quickly.