Frame repaired and a test quilt DONE!

After almost 2 months of nothing on the frame but an 18" piece while waiting on parts/service, the rep was out here Sunday evening and we hopefully have things "squared" up the way they should be.   First on the frame was this little quilt earmarked for donation for local needs like our women's shelter or teens phasing out of foster care.   This was a fast and fun quilt, all freehand.  3 basic leaf shapes were randomly quilted on the brown blocks and the alternate block was quilted with a simple fern type leaf that I love to stitch.  I ended up quilting a basic leaf shape in the rails with little orange peel ovals in the center.    The high/low contrast just did not speak to me and I found nothing in my inspiration photos that used a similar block.  I thought a dart/egg approach would work but discarded the idea because I could work so much faster w/o any template work on this one plus that high/low contrast really would not showcase the effort.  The borders were stitched using a meandering swag of oak type leaves around the perimeter that I stitched out in one pass around the entire quilt without turning.  This should wash up to make a very pleasant snuggly  quilt for someone!

This is Angie, she's been grabbing the photo spotlight lately.  She will be 13 this summer.

alternate block

One of my favorite leafs to stitch.

Meandering Oak leaf swag type border.   Hard to see which makes it so oh! so much fun to make squiggly oak leaves and not worry.

Angie looks like she is closely inspecting something! 

Fun quilt, now which one?


Nancy said…
Love those leaves. It must be a relief to have your repairs completed and back in business. Angie is sweet.