My new sewing space

I now have a dedicated room for sewing!   Until recently, I have had a small section in the longarm studio for my machine (in its smallest position) which was not ideal at all, but you do what you have to do right?  The 18 yr old recently moved into a rental with friends and I have been slowly getting that space defined as my sewing studio.   The doorway opens right beside my thread cabinet so it is a perfect extension of my space.   My longarm has been in the shop for a repair so I had forced time to make the transition!  In my studio I now have  space for the AccuQuilt die cutter and my Brother Scan N Cut, my batting storage is neater, my desk is certainly neater and the window area is basically open so that you can walk right up to the window.   I also added 2 more bins to my thread storage and got that organized a little better.   Some supplies are needed in both spaces, tools (we always have to be mechanics in this craft - sewing or quilting), scissors, pins, tape measures, long rulers, square rulers 6" rulers, irons, cutting boards, markers, pens, paper....   I finally got the transition done having both spaces workable without having to go to the other room for supplies.  Just bare bones in the sewing space.   I  need to decorate, maybe get a book case in there (and a big board ironing station).  But all the necessary items are there and I am so happy to have this room.   A design wall, my sewing table opened up large,  cutting station, even a small desk!   The closet holds most of my fabrics in wire baskets on either end of the closet and the main center part holds quilts to be quilted.  Nothing exciting to look at in the photos but I'm excited that is it MINE!

Sorry for the glare of the lights.  On the ironing board are 3 of my personal projects, 2 ready for quilting and 1 that needs to go back up on the design wall.
In part of my clean up, I pieced some of my personal batting scraps together and have those sizes labeled ready for a quick project.   (The curtains are still those of the bedroom décor)

Greenway on that side of our house in this 2000+ home sub-division.  The honeysuckle is blooming and the scent is thick outside
My next "What Was I Thinking" project!

So nice to have the cabinet extended for sewing those larger projects!


Nancy said…
Outstanding- room to breathe and keep things manageable!