Red and Green Round Robin

Another old UFO quilt of my own finished.  Overall it is pretty but does have some unusual effects.  5 of us worked on this.  My portion is the center star.  Each person added a border.  #2 had to set the quilt on point and #3 had to take it back to regular set.  Somehow over the years, the celtic knot applique faded from a red to a fuschia!  It has not even been in the sunlight.
I could not come up with a traditional medalion set due to the rather odd blocks in the quilt and unusual border edges.  I decided to work with fills and texture. 
Unfortunately I quilted this over 2 weeks with 2 weekend trips in between and  apparently I forgot one of my design elements!   But....  it's done and it is mine.  I'll live with it and not rip out.  I tried to make this a practice quilt, lots of ditch stitching and just "winged" it as I went along.   My main plan was quilt it - no ripping!   I used a 100 wt Invisifil for some of ditch work plus red, green, and beige Glide threads for detail stitching.  Lots of rolling back and forth.   I always get a pucker or pleat on the back when I do that!   Nothing very large and I was prepared to live with that too.   A recent client quilt, I changed and quilted in every color on each pass to avoid those puckers... but I really, really, really don't like all those thread changes over and over again - not to mention the bobbins, checking stitch tension...  
Anyway, it's DONE!    Hopefully by next weekend it will be bound and laundered.
The star is my block.   I quilted the background into sections and filled with 8 different fills to tie in with my fills for the borders.  See how 2nd row applique has faded to fuschia?
Backside of that star.
Backside showing outer borders
This picture made me realize my BIG boo-boo.   Yesterday as I was working on the 2nd half of this quilt, (the first half prior to the long weekend) I thought to myself, I should have echoed that zig-zag green sashing.   It's not working the way it is.   Well..... If I had made a sketch or notes... I would have seen that I DID echo the first half.   Ugh.   Oh well - I'm not changing it not.
Picture showing the design going into the outer borders.
Yeah - It's DONE!   Right or wrong... it's DONE.


sam said…
It is done and stunning! What a great job, Valerie.

Valerie said…
Thanks so much Sam!
Mary said…
It came out beautiful!