Mini Bow Tie quilt, 1930's reproduction fabrics

This top has been made for several years, the blocks go back to a swap with Greenie's Quilting Geese back in 2003 if I remember correctly.  The quilting task always seemed a little to daunting for me using the sit down, push and pull method on the sewing machine and too limiting on my smaller 5" quiltable space on my old Grace frame.   So it has sat for many years waiting for a solution.

Here are a few pics while I worked on this project.   It's coming off the frame this AM and on to the binding job (which as you will see is another job in itself!).

Gosh, this was taken back at the lake house... prior to our move to FL in 2006.

First peak at the work in progress (WIP)

Kricket and Kadie being good little fur babies sleeping as I quilted yesterday.   I decided I should find Angie and post what she was doing and here is where I found her:

Angie was snoozing on the still open sleeper sofa in my sewing room.
And here is my next dilema:

How am I going to work with this mess?!   I've got some work to do before I can cut my binding fabric.


Nancy said…
I've missed seeing what you are up to! This little quilt is sweet. Love the prints and the Bow Tie block is timeless. Your feather wreaths are beautiful. And your company in the sewing room... what good furry friends you have. I'm in the midst of some major hoeing out in the sewing room, too. Will share some of the results at guild!
LynCC said…
Nice 30's quilt. :D I've got to do one some time. And I'm so happy to see that I'm not the only one with a lot of straightening to do before I can cut binding strips! ;D