After many hours of labor....

This still is one of my least favorite quilts! The values used are just wrong for some of the blocks, I had one shopping trip to pick out  fabric and really struggled to find the number of coordinating prints for this quilt (3 of us made the same quilt in 2003 I believe was the year).   I have some little tabs pinned on and hung it by my quilting frame but it is not staying there...   Oddly, look at the orange it picked up in my Laurel Burch item!  I never really noticed the orange before.  Mega ruler and template quilting on this one, swags in the border are left plain, I did not do any background fill, you really don't see the quilting that well and I needed to get it off the frame.  Sashing strips left plain for the same reason.  Very good quilt to get my wobbles out of the way and learn better control over those rulers.   Have a peak:

Not much I can do about that 12' frame in the room... this used to be my dining room and was a very nice wall to display my seasonal pieces.  Only can walk around the frame on one side.

Not much detail shows, I did use green thread on the green and a rose/coral on that color triangle.  The white was just too much contrast or so I thought at the time.

This was my sketch for the design I quilted.  Maybe I SHOULD have used contrasting thread throughout?  All the blocks were so much more dramatic in the sketch.

My first stitched out swag borders.

My favorite block from this quilt.  

DONE.   Hmmmmm, now which quilt top will get loaded on the frame next?


Nancy said…
Actually, I find it a soothing quilt to look at. And it really does pick up those accent oranges. I love to look at quilting from the wrong side. Yours looks good and I'm glad you put those pics here with the front of the blocks. Nice work.
Laura said…
It turned out very pretty. I didn't like the pastel palette in the original which is why I did mine in the blues and whites. I do love the way the orange popped!