Look at what arrived in the mail....

I've gotten the vintage linen bug and was able to get a good bargain on Ebay the other day.  Don't you just love this one?  This will be a quilt backing someday.

Currently, I'm working on THIS project.  I think it is so cute and lucky for me I packed some DMC embroidery floss.  I will need more but I have some colors to get me started.  Catalicious!  

My Quilts for Kids project is finished and on its way back to the mainland.  This really is an easy way to help a child.  The organization supplies the fabric and pattern.  For my quilt, the strips were cut from each fabric and the focus fabric was already cut into the correct number of 6" squares.  Very little cutting, fast sewing and oh so cute!   You supply the batting and return postage.  We picked up a cute fabric and coordinates for Mickey to work on another quilt using this same pattern.  Here is my finished quilt "Ride 'Em Cowboy".  Why don't you follow the link and request your kit today.


And while I was by the plant taking that photo, what do you think about this seed pod?   Amazingly beautiful don't you agree?  It is a hard woody seed pod.

Lastly, a pic I failed to post the other day.  The end of the road @ Ka'ena Point.