The Day After Halloween..... Can you believe it is Nov 1!

Halloween festivities were so much fun this year!   Hickam AFB hosted a carnival with fun rides, food, and music which we attended during the late afternoon followed by door to door Trick or Treats at housing.   Many of the yards and houses were decorated from simple pumpkins to elaborate scenes complete with music and videos playing on the sides of houses.  We had so much fun walking the neighborhood under the moonlight.  A special treat was getting to view the moon and Jupiter by telescope.  I'll get the proper terminology later but a Mr. Wallace had his equipment out on one street corner and gave us a brief lesson on the telescopes he was using as well as the stars surrounding the planet and moon.  He is an Ambasador for Space.....    I'll get this corrected later! 

Meanwhile, typhoon conditions far out at sea causing HUGE waves on our gentle West shore.  No snorkeling for us today!  The waves coming in are beautiful to see, I had to stop my walk and just sit for awhile and admire those waves crashing over the breaks.  Too bad I did not have my camera....

New Home for Goldie.  I used to keep him in the bowl of the outdoor fountain but tired of him mucking up the water.  Got him a little 2.5 gallon aqaurium that we placed on the bar countertop in the kitchen and he seems very content.  Now Bob wants one for his office!