Diners, Drive-Ins and Dives....

Very exciting half hour today!  Bob pulled in from work and said grab the camera - Guy Fiere is filming in front of our property!   We quickly took off, I did not even get my hands on the good camera but lucky us, as we pulled out of our gate, he was right in front of us is this awesome little turqoise woody wagon.  We drove along behind him.  A white van rolled beside him with the doors open filming as Guy drove and talked toward the camera, then they flipped and did it all over again.  We spoke to him from across the street, he says he does not get to keep the car.  This is the 2nd star Bob has met.  He ran into Mark Decasco (Iron Chef America and currently on Dancing With the Stars) the 2nd weekend we were in Hawaii.   Now we will have to find out when this Guy Fiere shoot will show on TV.  What an unexpected surprise!

She was someone that ran from a chase car with a script in her hand